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Company Profile

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Company profile

Henan Tongzhou Cotton Trade Co., Ltd. (“Tongzhou Cotton” hereinafter) was established in 2000, with its headquarter in Zhengzhou(CBD),China. As an international enterprise group, the business scope of Tongzhou Cotton includes processing and trading of cotton, cotton yarn, cotton cloth and garments. With the worldwide trade of the entire textile industry productions, Tongzhou Cotton now stands as one of the top cotton-related enterprises in China.

Tongzhou Cotton operates over 450,000 tons of cotton and cotton yarn with annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 8 billion. It is the vice president company of China Cotton Association and China Cotton Textile Industry Association, one of the first cotton industry bases of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. It is granted of unsecured loans of full credit with many domestic financial institutions.

Tongzhou Cotton honors "Specialization", "Industrialization" and "Internationalization" as its development strategy, fully develops both domestic and international markets, and carefully builds a perfect process, purchase and sales system. The company has built cotton ginning and spinning units in Xinjiang and the mainland, and has set up many branches and agency branches in the United States, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries, as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other domestic cities. The company has its own Research Institute, cotton spot and futures market analyzing and investment trading team, acting up to the company’s investment discipline that prioritize research and analysis, study in-depth of the industry, constantly improve the profitability and risk resistance capacity.

Tongzhou Cotton holds "Build century-old and first class brand enterprise, commit to become a global outstanding cotton supply chain service provider" as the vision, through the effective integration of high quality cotton resources and market information of domestic and international markets, adhering to the "Professional, Innovation, Integrity, Win-win" enterprise values, improve the ability of customer service, enhance the core competitiveness, contribute to the sustainable development of the entire cotton textile industry.

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Henan Tongzhou Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: 10th Floor, Henan Nongxin Building, No. 19 Commercial Outer Ring Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China


Henan Tongzhou Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.

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